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Prepare for one of the hottest careers around. Learn to diagnose, repair and perform maintenance on automobiles and light trucks. As an Automotive professional, you will need the skills to accurately diagnose the source of a problem and demonstrate quality workmanship. If you have an interest in a particular area, larger repair shops often employ specialized mechanics.

Areas of specialization include air conditioning, drivability/emissions, front-end, brakes and alignment, transmission and heavy-line mechanics. You can find employment in car dealerships, independent garages, private companies, government agencies or you can choose self-employment.

GateWay Community College offers formal education and training partnerships with leading manufacturers including the only Toyota and Honda training programs in Arizona. In addition, GateWay works closely with Nissan to offer training on Nissan vehicles and equipment. Through these partnerships, GateWay students are uniquely equipped with the hands-on training and certified curriculum from the manufacturers and dealerships.



Program Director, Honda PACT Program Coordinator

Phone: (602) 286-8630
Building: Automotive Center
Room: AU418