Office of Administrative Services

Office of Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services oversees operational departments throughout the college, providing resources and support in order to sustain a high level of quality. Administrative Services assists GateWay in meeting the diverse needs within its own community. Administrative Services departments include: Business Services, District Police, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Facilities & Maintenance.

GateWay Commmunity College will educate and innovate to prepare tomorrow's workforce.

GateWay Community College's mission is to serve a diverse community through equitable, inclusive, and meaningful learning opportunities that prepare students to thrive in a global community.

Core Values
As a College of Well-Being, we strive to cultivate an environment of meaningful learning and engagement through the following core values:

  • Character - developing strengths of character that enable us to be and do our best.
  • Care - taking care of emotional, physical, and environmental needs to cultivate conditions for flourishing.
  • Connection - fostering and maintaining close, positive relationships; a sense of belonging
  • Contribution - being a part of something bigger than ourselves; finding a purpose for learning and for life.
  • Career - making decisions that contribute both to career and life success.

Administrative Services