Depending on your eligibility, you may be offered the Pell Grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, or the Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Grant. These types of monies are federally or state-funded and are offered automatically if the FAFSA results determine that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Pell Grant

The Pell grant amount is determined based on your eligibility, changes every academic year, and students are qualified for only a certain timeframe (visit the Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility website to learn how this is calculated). Annual awards are available over nine (9) or twelve (12) months; please contact the Financial Aid Office regarding Summer eligibility. You can learn more at the Department of Education Pell Grant website

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

The FSEOG at GWCC is generally offered at a maximum amount of $1,000 for each academic year. Students offered FSEOG must meet the same criteria as Pell grant recipients and have an enrollment status of half-time or more. Availability is dependent on federal funding availability and nearly all SEOG goes to students who meet the priority funding deadlines. You can learn more at the Department of Education FSEOG website.

Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership Grant (AzLEAP)

AzLEAP at GWCC provides student financial assistance in the form of need-based grants. Students offered AzLEAP must meet the same criteria as Pell grant recipients, have an enrollment status of half-time or more, and be an Arizona Resident. The offered amount will not exceed $1,000 for the academic year. Availability is dependent on funding availability. For more information, please visit the Arizona Student Financial Aid Programs website.

ÉXITO Title V Grant Program

GateWay’s proposal, Equitable Experience Infused Through Out (ÉXITO) GateWay: a holistic approach to foster student well-being and academic attainment encompasses GateWay’s vision to develop a proactive, student-ready culture that sets the stage for student success from the College’s first contact with a student, through  graduation, and beyond. Furthermore, éxito in Spanish means, “success” and it is the College’s  desire to support students to succeed. Title V funding supports the retention and preparedness of students attending a Hispanic-serving institution. You can learn more at ÉXITO Title V Grant Program website.

Gene Haas Foundation Grant

One of the primary goals of the Gene Haas Foundation is to provide financial assistance for students interested in manufacturing-based careers. Scholarship programs are available through career centers, technical schools, community colleges, and universities. Foundation funding goes directly to those training programs to attract prospective students. You can learn more at Gene Haas Foundation Grant website.