Disability Resources

Disability Resources

The DRS team is available to assist you and can be reached at (602) 286-8171 and DRS@gatewaycc.edu.

The Disability Resources and Services (DRS) Department endeavors to empower all students, advance their independence and develop a sense of self-advocacy. We strive to create a learning environment which assists students in reaching their full potential with reasonable accommodations.

Important Reminder: Please note that it is the student's responsibility to inform the DRS Office directly of his or her need for accommodation(s), each time he or she registers for a new course. All accommodations and academic adjustments are course and semester specific and do not carry over from semester to semester or course to course. If you are a returning student, please contact DRS for an accommodation renewal at the start of each semester or each new course.

About Disability Resources

Due to COVID-19, students may need to participate in virtual events. As a result if you are in need of accommodations such as an American Sign Language Interpreter or captioning for these purposes, please contact Disability Resources and Services.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires institutions of higher education to provide reasonable accommodations to those with documented disabilities, provided an undue hardship is not created.

An undue hardship refers to any accommodation that would be unduly costly, expensive, substantial, disruptive, or that would fundamentally alter the nature of the business or program.

A reasonable accommodation is the provision of an auxiliary aid, or modification to the course or program, that will allow access to the educational program, material, activity, or degree. Examples include:

  • Making existing facilities readily accessible to, and usable by, persons with disabilities.
  • Alternative testing accommodations.
  • Provision of qualified readers, note takers and sign language interpreters.
  • Provision of alternative print formats.
  • Academic accommodations
  • Faculty consultation
  • Connect with agencies serving people with disabilities
  • Use of assistive technology
  • Information and referral

It is the responsibility of the student to inform the institution of his or her need for accommodations.

Disability Resources and Services

New to GWCC?

After you have been admitted as a student at GateWay Community College, your first step in applying for disability services is to complete the online New Student Application. Click on the DRS Connect icon on the left side of this page to complete the application. Please provide a phone number that you can be reached at and your Maricopa student email. You will need to check your Maricopa student email on a regular basis when completing this application.

You must provide disability documentation to DRS. Learn more about the MCCCD policy regarding disability documentation.

Disability documentation may be provided to the DRS Office in several ways: 

  • Upload disability documentation at the end of the DRS Connect application online.
  • Email disability documentation to DRS@gatewaycc.edu
  • Bring in person to the GateWay Washington Campus IE Bldg. Room IE 1202 First Floor.

The DRS Manager or a DRS Advisor may recommend services if you qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Sample Services

  • Note takers
  • Alternative format textbooks
  • Testing accommodations


The ADA defines disability as any physical or mental condition that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Some major life activities include: 

  • Concentrating
  • Hearing
  • Learning
  • Walking
  • Seeing
  • Speaking

Services Timeframes Required
Alternative Print (e-text/PDF) 4 Weeks
Assistive Technology 3 Weeks*
Braille Text (e-text/PDF) 8 Weeks
Extended Test Time (mid-term/final) 1 Week
Extended Test Time (regular exam) 2 Business Days
Most Classroom Accommodations 2 Weeks
Note Taker 2 Weeks
Recording Device for Class 2 Business Days*
Sign Language Interpreter 2 Weeks*

*Based on Availability

A student wishing to register for services must meet MCCCD admissions requirements, or be enrolled as an MCCCD student, and must provide Disability Resources and Services (DRS) with required documentation verifying the nature and extent of the disability prior to receiving any accommodation. The DRS Director/Program Advisor is responsible for evaluating documentation and determining accommodation eligibility.

We have recently changed our processes for registering and requesting accommodations. If you are new to GateWay Community College, please take a moment to log into DRS Connect to get started with registering with the DRS office. If you already registered with our office, please sign in to DRS Connect to start requesting your accommodations.

Services (accommodations) must be requested each semester even if you had services previously. Please note that every time DRS Connect asks for your "username" and your "student I.D.", both terms refer to your MCCD MEID number. The "password" will be the same private password you created originally with your MEID. 

1. Eligibility for Accommodations & Required Disability Documentation [click for more details]

Download Disability Verification Form

Examples requiring documentation include:

  • Physical disability: medical report stating extent of injury, illness, or condition.
  • Blind/visual impairment: medical report stating restricted vision fields.
  • Deaf/hearing impairment: audiological evaluation indicating extent of hearing loss.
  • Learning disability: psycho-educational evaluations conducted within the past 3 years and administered by qualified professionals.
  • Other/hidden disabilities: evaluation based on documentation and need.

GateWay Community College adheres to the Maricopa Governance District Policy Manual with regards to the ADA identification of what constitutes a service animal. The DRS encourages students to register their service animal with the DRS, and a service-animal-in-training should be registered with campus Public Safety. While registration is not mandatory, it will help us know what to do with your animal should you encounter an emergency. We want to know that you are safe and that your animal is safe and secure with your emergency contact.

Please refer to the following for pregnancy information: