Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Strategic Priorities

Vision, Mission, Goals & Values

GateWay Community College is a public institution of higher learning offering Associate Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, Certificates of Completion, Certificates of Competency, continuing education courses and other educational services. Located in metropolitan Phoenix, the college has been serving the citizens of Maricopa County and Arizona since 1968. GateWay Community College is governed by the Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board.


GateWay Community College will… Educate and Innovate to prepare tomorrow’s workforce


GateWay Community College’s mission is to serve a diverse community through equitable, inclusive, and meaningful learning opportunities that prepare students to thrive in a global community.

Core Values

As a College of Well-Being, we strive to cultivate an environment of meaningful learning and engagement through the following core values:

  • Character – developing strengths of character that enable us to be and do our best
  • Care – taking care of emotional, physical & environmental needs to cultivate conditions for flourishing
  • Connection – fostering and maintaining close, positive relationships; a sense of belonging
  • Contribution – being a part of something bigger than ourselves; finding a purpose for learning and for life
  • Career – making decisions that contribute both to career and life success

Strategic Priorities

GateWay Community College and GateWay Early College High School, in achieving the mission of the College, is committed to the following strategic priorities:

  • Student Success 
    Provide an inclusive and equitable student experience that advances access, increases retention, and supports students to academic success and completion.
  • Learning Excellence
    Cultivate student ready, human centric learning opportunities and environments that prepare students to be members of a diverse and global community.
  • Innovation
    Serve as an economic engine through future-focused, innovative programming and services that meet the diverse needs of students, industry, and the community.
  • Great Place to Work
    Ensure GateWay is recognized as a preferred workplace and achieve organizational and operational effectiveness.