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At GateWay Community College, we aim to always be engaged with our community and responsive to its cultural, educational and training needs. Whether you desire to pursue a degree, attend one of our many public events or just enjoy an oasis amid the hustle of city life, GateWay wants to be your community asset.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you graduate. GateWay Community College is always evolving and building its Alumni Association. Stay connected to campus, friends and faculty. By enrolling at GateWay you are immediately eligible to become a member. Membership is free.

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Connecting with Community is achieved by nurturing lines of communication and engaging residents and partners to ensure we're meeting your needs.

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Ruben Real

What have you been up to since graduating from GateWay? Tell us what impact GateWay has had on your journey to success. Your story may be shared on our webpage, with the GateWay family, our donors and the community.

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