College Police and Emergency Information

College Police

The primary role of the College Police is to provide assistance and campus protection to students, employees, and visitors. Other responsibilities include:

  • Protecting district and personal property
  • Providing assistance with disabled vehicles
  • Managing lost and found property
  • Identifying safety hazards
  • Giving presentations about safety and crime prevention

College Police has established relationships with neighboring businesses and works closely with the Phoenix Police Department to ensure campus safety. Community members are encouraged to report all suspected crimes and unusual or suspicious activities and emergencies.

Separately, the College Police have adopted the Standard Response Protocol when dealing with various types of emergencies. Click on the link to the right or watch a video to learn more.

2023 Annual Security Report
2019 Standard Response Protocol

The primary role of College Police is to provide assistance and campus protection to students, employees and visitors. Other responsibilities include:

Security and Access to College Facilities

Identification cards are issued to enrolled students. College Police encourages students to carry these cards at all times while on campus. The identification card indicates that the bearer is a member of the student population.

GateWay students can go to Enrollment Services, located in the IE Building on the GateWay campus. Central City students can go to Student Services at the Central City campus.

Reporting Crimes and Other Emergencies

Students, employees, and others are encouraged to report any criminal activity or emergencies that occur on campus to College Police. In emergency situations, dial (480) 784-0911.

RAVE Guardian

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to download the new RAVE Guardian app to help report crimes and other emergencies as well as for personal safety. To learn more about RAVE Guardian, click here. 

Responding to Criminal Activity and Emergencies

  • College Police or a Phoenix police officer will respond to each report of criminal activity.
  • The Phoenix fire department will respond to reports of fire or medical emergencies.
  • GateWay College Police responds administratively if any reported sexual assault or other criminal offense involves a student or employee as the alleged offender.
  • Victims may submit a written, signed statement detailing an incident to the Dean of Student Services.


In the event of an evacuation, it is critical that all people exit the buildings in a safe and orderly manner. The signal to evacuate is normally given by fire alarm. During a natural/propane gas emergency, the signal will be given verbally. View the following links for more details:

Clery Act Crime Statistics

The Clery Act Crime Statistics information represents a general description of GateWay Community College’s security and safety policies and programs, and the crime statistics for the most recent calendar year and the two preceding calendar years.


Possession or use of firearms on campus is strictly forbidden. Except as noted in paragraph 2 below, pursuant to ARS §12-781, this policy shall not prohibit a person from lawfully transporting or lawfully storing any firearm that is both locked in the person's privately-owned vehicle or in a locked compartment on the person's privately-owned motorcycle, and not visible from the outside of the motor vehicle or motorcycle.


Escorts are available to students, faculty and staff. Requests may be made to College Police by phone at (602) 286-8911.

Parking Requirements

Parking decals are not required for students and employees wishing to park in non-designated parking areas. Employees wishing to park in designated employee parking areas must first obtain a parking decal from College Police. Upon issue, the parking decal should be placed on the lower left side of the front windshield.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

GateWay complies with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and all state laws. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus is prohibited.

Campus Sex Crime Prevention Act (Arizona sex offender notification law)

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act mandates that convicted sex offenders, required to register under state law, must also disclose their association with institutions of higher education when applicable. Specifically affected are those registered sex offenders who attend as students, are employed by or employed at, or volunteer at institutions of higher education. The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) has established the Arizona Sex Offender Information Center according to the requirements of ARS 13-3827. Arizona DPS is responsible for maintaining the site and annually verifying the addresses of all registered sex offenders. For more information visit:

GateWay Community College Police may notify the campus community of a registered sex offender as required by law. The notification process could be through safety alerts on the GateWay College Police web page and/or safety alerts posted on campus.

Prospective GateWay students (at all campuses) who are registered sex offenders are expected to self-disclose their status to the college’s Police office prior to the start of the term. In addition, a mandatory meeting with the Dean of Enrollment Services will occur prior to the start of classes or program.