General Information

Facility Rental

Thank you for considering one of the GateWay Community College (GWCC) campuses for your next meeting or event. The facilities at GateWay are primarily used for the benefit of our student population and campus community. However, when space is available, we are pleased to support the needs of business, industry, non-profit organizations and the general community.

The College has a variety of rental venues ideal for meetings, workshops, retreats, conferences, and/or special events. GateWay is centrally located at the Washington campus, 108 North 40th Street in Phoenix, just north of the Sky Harbor International Airport and halfway between ASU's Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses. The Washington Campus is the only community college accessible by five freeways, bus, and the METRO Light Rail. We also have space available for use at our Central City Campus at 1245 E. Buckeye Road in Phoenix (formerly Maricopa Skill Center). Note that reservations can be made no more than 12-weeks in advance. Allow 72 hours turn-around time.

Please email Karla Pace  for rentals and quotes on room rates, or call (602) 286-8051.

Steps to Apply

  1. Review Venue Descriptions
  2. Review Requirements and Guidelines (below)
  3. Complete the Facility Rental Application


Facility Rental Application


Available Venues and Rates

View campus and building map here.

Outdoor Amphitheater

Capacity: Up to 250

 • Grassy space with permanent stage

 • Tents, tables, and chairs can be brought in by the client

 • Lighting to be brought in by the client for evening events



Auditorium/Multi-Media Room (CH 1106)

Capacity: Up to 100

 • Tiered classroom with fixed tables

 • Advanced/HD video streaming/capturing enabled





Multi-Purpose/Multi-Media Copper Room (IE 1302)

Capacity: Up to 232

 • 3,343 sq ft

 • Flexible set-up options can include 136 retractable tier seats

 • Advanced/HD video streaming/capturing enabled




Large Conference Room (MA 1100 N&S)

Capacity: 70 with tables, 90 without tables

 • 2,120 sq ft

 • 40 ft wide x 53 ft long

 • Live video streaming/capturing enabled



Small Conference Room (SO 1330)

Capacity: 50 with rectangular tables, 56 with round tables or 80 with chairs only

 • 1,418 sq ft

 • 48 ft wide x 31 ft long

 • Live video streaming/capturing enabled



Mezzanine (IE 2302)

Capacity: Up to 75

 • 1,423 sq ft

 • Can overlook Copper Room, including audio connection




Garden Patio (IE 2000)

Capacity: Up to 269

 • 4,037 sq ft

 • Patio will not be open to public traffic




The Deck (IE 3000)

Capacity: Up to 297

 • 4,498 sq ft

 • Patio will not be open to public traffic




Lecture Classroom

Capacity: Range from 15-60

 • Live video streaming/capturing enabled in selected classrooms





Computer Classroom

 • Capacity: Range from 24-40

Certificate of Liability Insurance Required

Vendors/contractors doing business with the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) are required to provide a certificate of insurance.

The certificate must contain the following:

  • MCCCD named as certificate holder:
    Maricopa County Community College District
    2411 W. 14th Street
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    ATTN: Risk Management
  • MCCCD named as an additional insured:
    Maricopa County Community College District, its agents, officers, officials, employees, and volunteers are hereby named as additional insured as their interests may appear.
  • 30-day cancellation notice

The certificate must also include, at a minimum, the following insurance coverage:

  • General Liability (GL) = $1,000,000
  • Automobile Liability (AL) = $1,000,000
  • Workers' Compensation (WC) = statutory limits

Certain employers may be exempt from Workers' Compensation. If so, a letter attesting to the exemption must accompany the certificate.

Other types of coverage and limits may be required, depending upon the exposures. You can check the MCCCD FAQ's about the types of coverage needed; and the Minimum Limits Guidelines (pdf) for the exposure level of various jobs and the District's insurance requirements for them.

For questions about the facility rental process or to schedule a facility tour, call (602) 286-8051.

  1. Room rental rates
    • No non-profit discounts
    • Rental rates vary based on the size and type of facility.
    • Facilities used on a Saturday/Sunday will be charged for maintenance and security separately at $30.00 per hour.
  2. IT Support
    • If software needs to be downloaded on GWCC computers, the company must contact GateWay IT Support at (602) 286-8411; renter will be invoiced for the service.
    • Facility used on a Saturday/Sunday will be charged for IT support separately at $30 per hour.
  3. Facility Use Agreement
    • A Facility Use Agreement must be reviewed by the user and must be signed. Once the user has signed the agreement they are accepting MCCCD terms and conditions.
    • The Facility Use Agreement will be forwarded to the Vice President of Administrative Services for signature.
  4. Catering
    • If snacks are to be provided at the function, the snacks must be pre-packaged.
    • If an outside catering company is going to be used, a food handler's card must be provided before any catering occurs.