An aesthetician is a trained skin care professional who specializes in providing beauty-related services. As an aesthetician, you will perform facials, skin analysis, makeup and artificial eyelash application, and body treatments, including full-body exfoliation.

You also will learn facial and full body hair removal techniques, using both hard and soft wax; light exfoliation with fruit acids (peels); and microdermabrasion.  

Health Sciences

You will learn the skills necessary for establishing and maintaining a clientele; sanitation practices and requirements; and knowledge of state laws and business management skills specific to aestheticians. 

Successful completion of your hours, with a score of 80% or higher, makes you eligible to apply for graduation to receive your certificate of competency, but does not guarantee you an Aesthetician License in any state. 

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To be a practicing aesthetician, you have to pass the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology exam to receive an Aesthetician License. The state board exam consists of a written test and hands on demonstrations.

The Board of Cosmetology may deny your application if you do not meet its citizenship and/or high school education requirements. Visit its website for details. 

Clock Hour Program

Clock-based Certificates of Competency are training programs that provide skills for quick entry into the workforce. The clock-hour programs have specific year-round start dates.

After you have completed the first 16 weeks, you move to the clinic setting. The school has a salon open to the public. Students in the clinic setting provide facials, waxing, makeup and back treatments to clients. Instructors supervise and receive feedback from clients to make sure you are providing adequate service.

Program Location

Deer Valley 



Certificates #1196 (20 hr) and #1180 (24 hr) | 600 hr / 7-8 mo | $4,300*

Aestheticians are trained skin care professionals who specialize in providing skin care and beauty-related services. Aesthetician students will perform facials, skin analysis, and body treatments, including full body exfoliation. Students will also learn facial and full body hair removal techniques using both hard and soft wax, light exfoliation with fruit acids (peels), microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning. Training includes day and evening makeup and artificial eyelash application. Students will perform services on each other throughout the program with 100% participation required. Topics also include knowledge of state laws pertaining to aesthetics as well as business management skills. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be prepared to sit for the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology aesthetics licensing exam.

Aesthetician Instructor

Certificate #1195N | 350 hr / 4 mo | $2,125*

Students will prepare to provide instruction for the Aesthetician program students. Additionally, students will learn how to write and deliver a successful lesson plan, and will graduate from the program with the skills necessary for establishing and maintaining an effective classroom. Topics also include knowledge of laws pertaining to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, safety and sanitation, and state board regulations. Upon completing the Aesthetics Instructor program, students will be prepared to take the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology`s Instructor licensing exam.

*Months based on 24 hours a week/4 weeks a month. Actual completion times may vary. Costs include tuition, lab and estimated book fees. Amount based on current estimates and will vary. A separate $15 Registration Fee will be charged per academic year.

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