Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Defining BIT

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) at GateWay is a multifunctional team made up of faculty and staff with experience working in counseling, disability resources, student success, student activities and services, student discipline and college police/public safety. The team meets weekly to coordinate responses to student behaviors of concern received from students, faculty and staff. When a concern is raised about specific student behaviors, BIT follows up on these concerns.

BIT is not an emergency response team. When an emergency occurs, immediately contact College Police at (480) 784-0911.

What We Do

BIT takes a holistic approach to help ensure a safe campus and learning environment when addressing concerning student behavior. When BIT is alerted to an incident, it coordinates to respond to the issue and keeps all involved parties informed as the process progresses.

Initially, BIT gathers data from our campus community to connect separate pieces of information that may indicate a more serious or acute problem in an attempt to deter a dangerous or critical outcome or event. 

In addition, BIT works with College Police and the Dean's Office regarding registered sex offender's (RSO) enrollment activity or status on any GateWay campus.  BIT evaluates each case to determine the level of community risk before an RSO is able to enroll in classes and then monitors enrollment conditions. Notification level is determined based on community risk.


You play a role in the campus safety and our college culture encourages reporting of behavior that makes you uncomfortable, whether you overhear a conversation or see activities of concern on campus or in the classroom.

Any member of the GateWay community is encouraged to report disturbing or concerning behavior exhibited by students, including, but not limited to:

  • Behavior or language that is threatening to the student and/or others
  • Sudden change in appearance or behavior
  • Excessive tardiness or absences
  • Disturbing writings, emails, comments
  • Disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, obstruction of teaching

BIT does not focus on classroom management issues, such as …

  • Disruption of learning environment
  • Rude, disrespectfulness toward students or instructor
  • Failure to follow instructions
  • Intimidation or bullying

BIT analyzes all available information using objective rubrics, tools and assessments. Then, based on the level of risk resulting from the assessment process, a course of action is determined.

During the process, BIT continually balances the needs and rights of the student of concern with the safety and security of the larger college community.

The team also educates the GateWay community about existing tools and proper responses to any behavioral issues of concern.

How to Report

You are able to report concerning behavior the following ways:

College Police Numbers

  • Emergency: (480) 784-0911
  • Non-Emergency: (480) 784-0900

BIT Reporting Form

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BIT Members

Terese Brown, Student Affairs, (602) 286-8009

Shala Dveirin, Academic Affairs, (602) 392-5242

Renee Fox, Faculty, (602) 286-8586

Stephanie Wolfe, Disability Resources, (602) 286-8213

Jessie Palacio, Student Life, (602) 286-8141

Jeff Anderson, College Police, (602) 286-8357

Ryan Aiello, Student Affairs 

Sarah Hanley, Counseling, (602) 286-8179

Jennifer Pawlowski, Administrative Support, (602) 286-8145