Cyber Security

 Computer and Information Techology

Cybersecurity is a key component of both modern business and national defense.

This challenging but potentially very rewarding field can be a good fit for the lifelong learner who wants to make a difference.

GateWay’s Cybersecurity program focuses on gaining skills in networking, Linux, security concepts and network defense that you can build into a number of different career areas. Our goal is to help you gain the solid foundation and hands-on experience to start your career.

GateWay also provides Networking program options where you will gain a solid, hands-on skill set of computer, networking, and internetworking systems technology principles and desktop support.

Earn a Certificate in Less Than Six Months

We are providing select certificates that you are able to complete is under six months. These programs allow you to gain knowledge in the IT field to be able to change careers or build your skills further. Participating certificates are indicated with an asterisk below.

Program Location

Washington Campus

Program Cost

Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity:  $6,247*

* Please note that these are only estimates and do not include books. These estimates may change based on increases or decreases to tuition, course fees and book costs. Estimates are based on tuition rates for in-county students. Additional fees may apply.

Degrees & Certificates


Accreditation is a process used to measure and certify the credibility and quality of services offered by an organization.

GateWay is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Why should you choose an accredited school?

Although many schools offer seemingly similar degree and certification options, not all schools are accredited. In many instances, accreditation of the degree or program you complete may be required to become certified to work in the field.