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The GateWay Art Gallery – within the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion suite – is a transformative space embracing the dynamic and multidisciplinary nature of today’s visual culture. Highlighting student, faculty and guest artists works, the gallery provides students, educators and community members a vibrant space for interaction, reflection, experimentation and dialogue.

Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
Main Building – MA1189  |  Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."
 – Aristotle

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Antoinette Cauley

A Collection of Works by Antoinette Cauley

April 8 through July 28, 2022

GateWay Community College's Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Art Gallery, and Center for Student Life & Leadership are excited to host the public unveiling of one of Phoenix's rising artists, Antoinette Cauley.

If you missed Antoinette's lecture, or just want to know more about the works on display, we encourage you to watch the recording of her Visiting Artist Lecture (password: GWSpeaks2022).

Artist Statement on "Blackbird Fly"

“Blackbird Fly'' is an exploration into how artist Antoinette Cauley’s relocation from Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.A.) to Berlin, Germany during the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced and reshaped her views on systemic racism, her home country, and her overall identity as a biracial Black woman. Created during the course of two years, this series delves into childhood trauma and psychological triggers relating to abandonment, survival and hyper independence in youth and their connection to time and place.

Referencing The Beatles “Blackbird”, a song about a group of Black American women during the civil rights era, this body of work speaks to the long term effects of trauma (both generationally and individually) and the systemic barriers it creates for members of the Black American community specifically. Through the images of young black girls and women covered in tattoos along with bright city landscapes, this work outwardly correlates the black childhood experience with the consequences of living in a society riddled with systemic racism and a history of extreme violence against the people of the global majority.

By referencing Black youth in combination with Black hood feminism, this series also explores the common social tropes that exist within the Black community; specifically, the single parent household of black children. 65% of Black children in America live in a one parent household and more commonly stay with their mothers. As a result, this often leads to hyper independence and self sufficiency in children within our communities. This work looks to reference this cultural phenomenon with the intention of raising awareness about very layered issues that stem from hundreds of years of oppression, slavery and violent injustices against Black Americans.

This event is sponsored by GateWay’s U.S. Department of Education Title V Hispanic Serving Institution grant ÉXITO (#P031S190167).


Still I Rise

Still I Rise (2021)

Antoinette Cauley

International artist Antoinette Cauley was born in Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.A.) and draws her inspiration from the grittiness and beauty within her place of birth. Her work is heavily influenced by rap music and Black American hood culture with a feminist tone and an overall focus of fem empowerment. Visually, she combines the dynamism of rap music with powerful punches of vibrant color and deep, emotionally driven messages. Cauley attended Mesa Community College where she studied Fine Art with an emphasis in painting. During this time she held a two year apprenticeship with nationally renowned American oil painter Chris Saper who taught her the ins and outs of the fine art industry.

Along with her unique and distinguishable paintings, Cauley is most known for her nine stories tall mural of Civil Rights activist, James Baldwin in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Cauley has won several awards for her works including first place at the Artlink 19th Annual Juried Exhibition in 2019. Along with her awards, Cauley has been featured on various television and print publications including PBS, NPR, JAVA Magazine (cover), Forbes and was named one of Phoenix Magazine’s “Great 48: 48 Most Influential people in the state of Arizona” in 2019. Cauley is now based in Berlin, Germany but remains heavily involved in the Phoenix community.

To see more of Antoinette’s paintings, see




Hold Me

Hold Me (2021)

Past Featured Artists Exhibit


Artworks by Susan Mills

Faculty, Arts, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences Division | GWCC

A practicing sculptor with a national show record and outdoor permanent pieces in Arizona and Nevada, Professor Mills designed and equipped the indoor/outdoor Art Studio at GateWay Community College which includes a foundry, forge, 5,000 lb lifting cranes and full ceramics, painting and drawing studios. From 2009-2018, Mills directed the International Study Abroad Program in Prague, Czech Republic. In the summer of 2014, she was accepted as a Visiting Artist/Scholar at the American Academy in Rome. 

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White Vessel with Peaches, Lemons, Grapes and Cherries

White Vessel with Peaches, Lemons, Grapes and Cherries
Susan Mills

Artworks by Geoff Reed

Photographer  |  Geoff Reed Photo

For over forty years, Geoff Reed has provided corporate, editorial, travel and adventure photographs of people on location for business and consumer publications. In addition to his commercial work, Geoff teaches courses in commercial and portrait photography at the Glendale and Phoenix Community Colleges. Since 2016, he has taught digital photography in Prague, Berlin, and Vienna through the Gateway and Chandler-Gilbert Community College International Study Abroad summer program. 

Geoff has lived and traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States. His interest in travel photography stems from his early years growing up in India, France, and Burundi. Visit Geoff’s website or email him: to purchase his new book or prints.



Geoff Reed

Artworks by Amber Pfeifer

Student  |  GWCC

I view the world and try to interpret what I see through images, shapes, swishes, and doodles. I recognize patterns of light and dark, and the many grays in between. Drawing from life, while challenging, can be its own reward. While the result of the drawing is not perfect it can never be what I see; the result was never the intent. Sometimes it’s just the simple act of sitting down and seeing what I can come up with today. I can’t think of a better pursuit than the simple act of creating something new; even if it was inspired by something old: momento mori.


Memento Mori

Memento Mori 
Amber Pfeifer

Artworks by Elizabeth Overall 

Student  |  GWCC

Architecture, spiritual iconography, and history are the focus of my work on a current collaborative project titled Alternative Visions of Prague. The two images submitted for this exhibit are from that body of work. Created using the cyanotype process, Prussian blue was the perfect choice to express my vision of Prague evoking a sense of spirituality, melancholy, and peaceful beauty, I can think of no other way to share my experience of this beautiful city.


St. Vitas Cathedral 2021

St. Vitas Cathedral 2021
Elizabeth Overall