English as a Second Language (Non-Credit)

GateWay Community College is offering non-credit English as a Second Language (ESL) classes focusing on listening, reading, writing and speaking. The adult English language classes will help with English language skills and require no prior English instruction. To register for these classes, please visit Enrollment Services at GateWay Community College in the IE Building. 

Placement testing is required to help find the appropriate class for you. Testing is free. 

The cost is $85 per class.

Textbooks required for class. Materials will be provided by the instructor.

This program is part of the new Global Education Center. Come visit us in IE1254.

Conversation Practice activity free to all credit and non-credit students

Call (602) 286-8063 for more information.


Class Offerings

ESOL Basic I
ESOL Beginning
ESOL Intermediate 1
ESOL Intermediate 2

Enter ESOL in Keywords and select a term in the online schedule of classes to find your desired class. 


Childcare Services

Visit the Children's Learning Center for details on childcare options. 


English as a Second Language (ESL Credit Classes)

GateWay also offers ESL classes for credit at higher levels. Learn more here