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 Computer and Information Techology

Gateway Community College's Computer and Networking Technologies program has committed itself to building one of the best hands-on Linux learning programs in Arizona. We run both virtualized Linux systems in the classroom and also native installations of CentOS and Ubuntu in our Linux Lab. Our students have the opportunity to earn the Linux Professional Certificate and also use the same classes as part of an Associates Degree in Networking Technology.

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Linux Professional program is designed to help to prepare students for a variety of industry-recognized Linux certification exams as well as provide practical hands-on skills for the work place. The program includes a core of Linux classes including Linux operating system basics, System Administration, Network Administration and Network Security. These classes will help develop a student's knowledge and skill level in preparation for employment or to improve current professional skills. Objectives for a variety of industry certifications are encompassed within course and program objectives. Current core classes include:

  • CIS126DL Linux Operating System
  • CIS238DL Linux System Administration

Students also get to choose from the following electives currently being offered:

  • BPC170 Computer Maintenance: A+ Exam Prep Level I
  • BPC270 Computer Maintenance: A+ Exam Prep Level I
  • CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems
  • CIS270 Essentials of Network and Information Security
  • CNT140AA Introduction to Networks
  • CNT150AA Cisco - Routing and Switching Essentials

Program Locations

Washington Campus 

Job Titles

Computer Systems Analysts**

Program Costs

Certificate of Completion in Linux Professional:  $1,077*

Median Salary

Visit O*NET OnLine for median salary.

* Please note that these are only estimates and do not include books. These estimates may change based on increases to tuition, course fees and book costs. Estimates are based on the 2016-2017 tuition rates for in-county students. Additional fees may apply.

** For information about careers in your area of study, visit O*NET OnLine for detailed job descriptions, education requirements, as well as wage and employment trend information.

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