Aaron Siple - Winning On and Off the Field

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For as long as he can remember, Aaron Siple has had an interest in baseball.  

“My parents say that I used to carry a stick and a rock ever since I could walk,” says Siple, a GateWay Community College Liberal Arts major.

His interest grew into a passion and during his years at Corona del Sol High School, he knew he had a talent that could help take him places.  For Siple and his family, the thought of a scholarship opportunity to a Division I school always seemed like a dream.

Thanks to his dedication and the support he received at GateWay, his dreams are becoming reality, as the University of New Mexico recently offered him an athletic scholarship.

While his .338 batting average and athletic prowess on the field is being recognized, his academics also play an important part in his accomplishments, as he is earning a 3.7 GPA off the field.

Juggling academics and practicing up to four hours a day, six days a week during the season, one might wonder how he keeps everything straight.   

“Simple. Schedule! I have a calendar in my room and I write everything down on it,” says Siple.

His time management skills have helped him earn a respectable GPA while pursing his dream of playing for a Division I team and eventually even a Major League Baseball team.

However, Siple acknowledges the importance of having a back up plan, which is why he will be pursuing a degree in communications at the University of New Mexico beginning Fall 2013.

“My grandfather used to be a radio sports broadcaster in Hawaii,” says Siple. His goal is to follow the footsteps of his role model and become involved in sports journalism where he can pursue his two greatest passions.

When asked about the best part of his college experience so far, Siple’s answer was quick.

“The small classes at GateWay, all the teachers know my name,” he said. “My sister told me that, that is not how college is and I really thought she was lying.”

GateWay’s baseball team has consistently produced talent that has been drafted into Major League Baseball teams as well as other Division I schools. Among those, Ben Slater who will be attending New Mexico State, Josh Melendez currently at the University of New Mexico, Trey Lang who was drafted by the Chicago Cubs, and Erick Gonzalez who was drafted by the Houston Astros.

“After high school, I chose GateWay because of it’s incredibly successful baseball program,” adds Siple. “Our coach is one of the greatest baseball minds that I have ever gotten a chance to meet.”