GateWay Celebrates National HSI Week – A College of Well-being

Monday, September 13, 2021
GateWay Celebrates National HSI Week – A College of Well-being

Did you know that GateWay is the world's first Community College of Well-being? This week we will be introducing to you the 5C's of Well-being: Care, Character, Contribution, Connection and Career. Learn the science behind the terms and a simple action you can take today to incorporate well-being into your daily life. 

Care – taking care of emotional, physical & environmental needs to cultivate conditions for flourishing.

The Science – Gratitude can improve both physical and psychological health, improve self-esteem and create deeper bonds in our relationships. 
The Action – What are you grateful for? Look for the Gratitude Walls around our campuses this week (Sept. 13-17) and join us in sharing your gratitude. It's good for you!

Character – developing strengths of character that enable us to be and do our best.

The Science – Research shows that when we are able to use our unique Signature Strengths in our everyday lives, we are 18 times more likely to describe ourselves as flourishing.
The Action – What are your top five Signature Strengths? Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey for free at Select from Language menu to take in English or Español. 

Contribution – being a part of something bigger than ourselves; finding a purpose for learning and for life.

The Science – Small acts of kindness towards other people, or larger acts such as volunteering in your local community can give you a sense of purpose and make you feel happier and more satisfied about life
The Action– Keep your eyes open today to three different ways to perform small acts of kindness. You will make someone's day and you will feel great! 

Connection – fostering and maintaining close, positive relationships; a sense of belonging.

The Science – People who have strong, positive relationships with family, friends and colleagues lead more fulfilling lives and are more likely to set and achieve goals that are important to them. 
The Action – Think of someone you've lost touch with, but who continues to have a meaningful impact on your life. Their example still inspires you and their advice still guides you. Is it a teacher, a mentor or an old friend? Take the time today to reach out and tell them how they've made a difference for you. 

Career – making decisions that contribute both to career and life success.

The Science – Students who choose a career goal that is personally meaningful AND contributes to the greater good are more likely to complete their degrees. 
The Action – Share your career goal with us! Why is it meaningful to you? What positive impact do you hope to make in the world? Use #GeckoGoals with us on Twitter or Instagram.