GateWay Community College Receives Grant to Help Machining Students

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Gene Haas

GateWay Community College announced today that students in its Precision Machining program would receive and benefit from tuition scholarship grants from the Gene Haas Foundation. The grants were made to the Precision Machining program at GateWay Community College-Central City Campus. 

The scholarship grants provide financial assistance to students to help them with their education expenses. The Gene Haas Foundation has been supporting local communities, charities, and students for more than 20 years. 

“This grant helps ease the financial burden of qualified students who are interested in machine operation and maintenance coursework,” said James Smith, lead program instructor for the GateWay program. “Many companies require their employees to own their tools upon employment, and this is a way to help ease the financial burden for the students entering the manufacturing industry.”

All students were eligible to apply for the scholarship grant as long as they were currently enrolled in the machining program at the college. The funds may be used for tuition, books, and/or supplies the student is required to purchase, such as personal tooling. 

"Our trade and technical training programs are hands down the most cost-effective way for a student to be workforce ready by the time they graduate," said Dr. Steven Meneses, dean of trade and technical training at GateWay Community College. "Having industry partners like the Gene Haas Foundation is just another reason GateWay continues to remain one of the premier trade colleges in the state."

The Precision Machining program at GateWay Community College has received previous awards from the Gene Haas Foundation. By providing scholarship grants and partnering with the very best CNC training programs in the world, the Gene Haas Foundation has helped expand the availability of high-quality manufacturing technology training worldwide.

For information on the program, visit or call (602) 238-4350 for enrollment services.