Medical Billing & Coding Program Proves to be Fresh Start for One Student

Violeta Zepeda

After several years of being a stay-at-home mom, Violeta Zepeda was ready for a fresh start. Having previously worked as a medical assistant, she was eager to begin a new career in the healthcare industry. 

“Six years had passed, and I decided I was ready to get back into the workforce,” said Zepeda. “I enrolled at GateWay to help me do just that.”  

Like many adult learners, Zepeda believed she was too old for a career change. “Being away from it all for so long, I was feeling doubtful.” 

She also was aware of the ever-changing healthcare industry; she knew she would be unable to pick up right where she had left off earlier in her career. So Zepeda chose the Medical Billing and Coding program at GateWay, which allowed her to balance school time and family time, something that was critical to her success, along with her instructors.

“I felt the support from my teachers from the start. I can’t thank my teachers enough for always making sure I had all of my questions answered and explaining things to me a second time whenever I needed.” 

A testament to her dedication and hard work, Zepeda successfully passed the state certification exam on her first attempt. 

Upon completing the program, Zepeda received several interviews and job offers. The program had prepared her to compete among applicants with years of experience, and she quickly accepted a job offer with Integrated Medical Services (IMS). She uses her learned skills on a daily basis and continues to keep up to date with new challenges that arise, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Currently, Zepeda is working toward a second credential to add to her growing list of certifications. She knows this will help her become more marketable and allow her the opportunity to broaden her career in the future. 

Zepeda is a prime example of the diverse student population at GateWay. Her advice to persevere is something we all could benefit from hearing -- “believe in yourself.” 

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