GateWay Professor Awarded Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging-Technologist Section Fellowship

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Julie Bolin

When Julie Bolin was first exposed to the Nuclear Medicine Technology program at GateWay Community College in 2007, eventually becoming a college professor wasn't on her radar. But after an 18-year-long career as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Bolin became a residential faculty member in 2019 and now leads the Nuclear Medicine/Computed Tomography program at GateWay Community College. The same program that recently launched its first bachelor's degree program for the college.

Beginning as an adjunct-faculty member in 2013, Bolin had an extensive background, having worked as a staff technologist, Affiliate Education Supervisor/Clinical Preceptor, and charge technologist. When the opportunity arose to apply for a residential faculty position, Bolin was inspired by the college’s mission, to extend educational opportunities to diverse students and communities. 

“I was honored to join GateWay Community College and be part of the process of furthering the educational and professional goals of the students in the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program,” said Bolin. “I am a believer that education and workforce development lifts people out of poverty, improves their lives, and improves the community.”

Taking from her experience in the clinical setting, Bolin’s teaching philosophy attempts to bridge the gap between book knowledge and clinical practice. 

“For most of my clinical career, I worked at one of the busiest Nuclear Medicine Departments in southern Arizona. Because of that experience, I challenge students with real-world clinical scenarios. I focus on developing critical thinking skills and ensure students understand how variances in patient preparation and technique can cause misdiagnosis, patient care delays, increased radiation exposure, and inadequate response to therapy. My goal is to facilitate professional development and promote clinical excellence and optimal patient outcomes.”

Outside of the classroom, Bolin dedicates a significant amount of time to regional and national nuclear medicine professional activities, advocacy, and outreach. “I am a believer in activism through volunteerism and I am passionate about elevating the profession of Nuclear Medicine Technology,” she shared. 

Bolin was recently awarded the Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology and Molecular Imaging-Technologist Section Fellowship (SNMMI-TS) status which recognizes members who have demonstrated leadership and have made a significant contribution to the profession.

“Achieving SNMMI-TS fellowship status means that I am acknowledged as a Nuclear Medicine professional and leader and that I contribute to the Nuclear Medicine Technology profession in a meaningful way. This honor signifies peer recognition of my dedication and efforts to nuclear medicine technology promotion and advancement.”

With an extensive career, both inside and outside of the classroom, Bolin sets a major example for the future Nuclear Medicine Technologists she teaches.

“I’ve been thinking about pursuing a doctorate degree. I tell my students that there is nothing I have achieved in my career that is beyond their capabilities. Having a person to observe and emulate can change one’s own sense of what can be achieved.” 

In addition to her work at the college, Bolin is currently running for SNMMI-TS President and has been awarded the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology Editor’s Choice Award for best continuing education article of 2021. 

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