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Online Classes

Options for Online Learning

In addition to traditional face-to-face classes, GateWay Community College offers course formats that are either 100% online or blended with some face-to-face classroom meetings. This page will explain the different formats and how they are listed in the class schedule.

Online Courses (OL)

  • All course activities online; no face-to-face meetings
  • Designed for highly motivated, self-disciplined, technology-literate students
  • Communication will be through email and reliable web access is needed
  • Exams may be delivered online or may require onsite attendance

Hybrid Courses (HY)

  • Blend face-to-face meetings with online instruction
  • A portion of your coursework, learning and instruction is in person and a portion is done independently online
  • Designed for highly motivated, self-disciplined, technology-literate students
  • Communication outside the classroom will be through e-mail and reliable web access is needed

Are Online Classes Right for You?

Take our online class readiness survey before registering

Not all students are suitable and successful in online classes. Potential students who are considering taking online courses need to be aware of the characteristics of a typical online environment, besides the convenience and flexibility of scheduling. They also need to do a self-assessment of their work and study habits, learning styles or preferences, and existing tools and skill set. Before signing up for an online course, be sure that you have an up-to-date computer and technical skills and knowledge that will be required to succeed in an online course. Successful online students demonstrate the following traits and skills.

Work and Study Habits

  • Self-motivated and disciplined (commit 6-9 hours per week per three-credit class)
  • Able to concentrate on task on hand, instead of multitasking extensively
  • Take notes along with study
  • Good at reading, writing, and typing (college level)
  • Able to follow written directions without face-to-face instructions
  • Enjoy communicating and interacting regularly and promptly with fellow students and instructors online
  • Able to collaborate with others via discussion board, email, and chat to complete assignments/projects by deadlines
  • Able to seek help, including technical help, and use the help facilities effectively (e.g., speak up to instructors with questions and concerns)
  • Be patient for feedback from instructors (especially over a weekend; check instructor's syllabus for turn-around time, etc.)

Effective Learning Styles/Preferences

  • Learn independently
  • Learn best by reading and writing
  • Prefer organizing thoughts and answering questions in writing
  • Must be motivated!

Necessary Tools and Skill Set

  • Set up your student Gmail account to receive class emails or configure Gmail to forward messages to another email account.
  • Be minimally proficient in using a Web browser.
  • Able to manage time efficiently
  • Able to conduct research effectively, with remote access to library databases and/or the Internet
  • Have some social skills to work well with a team online
  • Comfortable handling problems remotely through phone or email
  • Must enjoy interfacing with a computer, like technology and community building in an e-learning environment, must be open to learning new technologies
  • To access your online courses while on-campus, visit GateWay's open computer labs (MA1240, MA2122 and CH2121).