Agency Funding

Agency Funding

Billing Information For Counselors

GateWay charges lab and book fees to students based on our catalog in effect on the student’s start date. Our most recent catalog can be viewed by clicking here. We make every attempt to ensure changes are submitted to the AZ Heat website immediately. 

Please be advised, in the event there is a discrepancy between our current catalog and the AZ Heat website and an agency is unable to cover amounts over what is listed on AZ Heat, payment of the difference will be the student’s responsibility.

Any charges that are the student’s responsibility must be paid in full prior to the student receiving a certificate of graduation.

GateWay Community College bills agencies monthly, for the previous month’s attendance.

We will not bill the agency for charges if we do not have an authorization giving us permission to do so.

All due dates are 30 days after the date of the invoice.

Please indicate on the funding authorization if Pell Grant should be applied to the student’s charges prior to invoicing your agency. Otherwise, we will assume your agency is willing to cover the cost listed on the authorization, regardless of the financial aid the student is receiving. Please ensure authorizations show if any special items will be covered, i.e. lunches, extra course materials, etc.

The first bill will include:

  • Registration fee
  • Lab and book fees for every class in the student’s program
  • Actual attendance for the month prior
  • Lunches for the month prior (if applicable)

Remaining bills will include:

  • Actual tuition for the prior month
  • Lunches for the prior month (if applicable)
  • Any additional materials purchased by the student (with prior agency funding approval)


We will audit the student’s financial account and refund any funds overpaid by the agency or invoice if there is a remaining balance due based on the authorizations we have on file.

Proposal Letters

Prospective students must complete and turn in a Student Information Form to the Enrollment Services Office before the counselor requests a proposal letter. Proposal letter requests must be e-mailed to

Proposal letter requests must include the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Program
  • Counselor Name
  • Counselor phone number

NOTE: If you are requesting an updated proposal letter due to a change in the student’s program, extension of hours, or to request figures for any other additional costs being funded by the agency (i.e. lunches), please indicate this on the email request.

  • In an effort to promote self-service, GateWay Community College encourages agencies to visit our website for our most recent program costs and other program details.
  • The Arizona Heat website can also provide additional information regarding GateWay clock hour programs, but be advised that all information found in the Arizona Heat publication may not be accurate due to a delay in processing changes made to the website.
  • To get the most recently updated information we recommend that you visit our website.

Please feel free to e-mail or call Business Services at 602.238.4347 if you have any questions.

Authorization Letters

The following information must be included on the authorization submitted to Business Services:

  • The full program cost that the agency is funding.
    Dollar amounts must be broken out for each specific item being funded : Tuition, Lab/book fees, Registration fee, Lunches (if applicable).
  • Start date
  • End date

NOTE: If the agency provides authorizations on a quarterly basis, the agency must ensure the breakdown of the entire amount being funded is included in the comment section of the first authorization.

All agency authorizations received must be approved and verified by Business Services before a prospective student can receive a start date. The start date on the proposal letter is subject to change if the authorization is not received by Friday of the week prior to the start date.

In the event that a student exceeds his/her estimated program hours or makes other program changes, please be advised it is the student’s responsibility to notify the agency and ensure an updated authorization is submitted to the GateWay Community College, Central City campus Business Services prior to continuing his/her program.