Counseling Support Progams

Counseling Support Services

The Counseling Division at GateWay Community College offers support programs for currently enrolled students. Our programs are designed to foster connection while supporting students in making informed decisions as they navigate their educational journey toward meeting and exceeding their personal goals.

Counseling Support Services

The N.O.W. Program focuses on helping students regain eligibility for Financial Aid and is part of the GateWay financial aid SAP appeal process. The N.O.W. program is a collaboration between the Counseling Department and the Financial Aid Department, our primary mission is student retention. The goals of this program are designed to help GateWay students be successful, persist, and regain their federal financial aid or provide other financial assistance to students who have become ineligible for financial aid due to not making S.A.P. (Satisfactory Academic Progress, which consists of maintaining a 2.0 g.p.a,  ⅔ completion rate and/or completing their program within 150% of the credits needed to graduate). Through the N.O.W. program students create an individual educational plan with an advisor, meet with a counselor to talk about any barriers and commit to continuing their educational journey. 

**Please note: Funding is not a guarantee**

Steps for the N.O.W. process:

  •  Complete the N.O.W. Canvas course (by invitation only)
  • Meet with a N.O.W. Counselor to talk about any barriers and set up a success plan
  •  Meet with a N.O.W. advisor to create an academic educational plan  
  • Complete a S.A.P. appeal and/or MTF appeal

If you have any questions or think you may qualify for this program due to financial aid SAP status please contact us at:

N.O.W. Program 
(602) 286-8250

Julie HancockThe Julie Hancock Student Emergency Fund exists to support the financial wellness and personal well-being of our students. The fund aims to provide financial support when a verified unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance has impacted a student's health, safety, or well-being.

How to apply?
Contact: (602) 286-8900 or email



Meet Ms. Julie Hancock.

Ms. Julie Hancock has been a part of the GateWay Community College family since 2007. In her latest role at GateWay, she served as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid.

While working in the Financial Aid Department, Ms. Hancock was approached by Mr. Frank Zamora, Counseling Department Chair, to assist in finding a way to support students in need of additional financial assistance due to unforeseen circumstances. Ms. Hancock was reluctant at first, but with Mr. Zamora’s persistence, she found a way to provide a $5,000 Maricopa Grant to support this initiative.

In 2016, the GateWay Student Emergency Fund program was officially established. Ms. Hancock was instrumental in providing continual funding through her role in financial aid and ensuring that student awards were posted in a timely manner.

The program continues to grow exponentially through the various internal and external resources that have been gathered to support the needs of our students. The program has become an institutional role model for others to follow. 

Unfortunately, our colleague, Ms. Hancock passed away on August 31, 2022, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. During her time at GateWay, Ms. Hancock was dedicated to helping students reduce loan debt. It was evident through her work and collaboration with various departments across GateWay that she was passionate about removing barriers so students could reach their educational goals. 

The GateWay Student Emergency Fund was renamed The Julie Hancock Student Emergency Fund to honor Ms. Hancock's legacy.

The Male Empowerment Network program is designed to improve enrollment, retention and degree completion/transfer rates of male students from various backgrounds by providing a multi-faceted approach that promotes personal and professional development, encourages academic achievement, and provides support for them to enroll in college, stay in college, graduate, and achieve their goals.

The Male Empowerment Network program is committed to working collectively and responsibly to meet the life-long learning needs of our diverse male student population. We value Inclusiveness, Dignity, Honor, Respect, Brotherhood, Honesty, Integrity, Innovation, Learning, Responsibility, Stewardship, Excellence, and Community.

To increase the access, opportunities, retention/persistence, and completion rates of male students from various backgrounds. To proactively connect male students from various backgrounds with academic services, student services, and other support resources during their educational experience. To enhance the college environment by creating a culture of success where male students from various backgrounds can develop a sense of belonging and a connection to faculty, staff, other students, and numerous institutional opportunities.

The purpose and aim of the Male Empowerment Network

To stimulate a strong interest in the recruitment, retention, and successful degree completion or transfer of male students of various backgrounds. To unite male students of various backgrounds to the rest of the GWCC student body. To provide fellowship among the male students of various backgrounds and promote internal and external community support and networking for and among the members. To participate in the continuous growth of a learning centered college community.

How to join?
Please contact Carlos Ortiz at

This organization serves to establish a bond between Hispanic students, faculty and the general Maricopa community to promote the development of educational opportunities and to increase awareness of Hispanic culture. The group provides a central forum for the open dialogue of political, spiritual, cultural, economic, social and academic conditions in the Hispanic community.

How to join?
Please contact Cathy Balderrama at