Business Entrepreneurialism and Management

A degree in Business is designed for students planning to enter the workforce in corporate, private and non-profit settings.

Our degree and certificate options are designed to accommodate students entering the workforce at different levels, or transferring into four-year business degree programs at Arizona's public universities.

Learn more about university transfer or contact an advisor to discuss university transfer options.

NEW in Spring 2021 is a Fast Track Associate in Business option. The Associate in Business (ABus) is designed for students planning to transfer into business degree programs at Arizona's public universities. The Fast Track ABUS is ideal for those who are currently working and want to finish an ABUS quickly and then continue on to earn a bachelor's degree. Learn more about the Fast Track ABUS at a virtual information session here or schedule an advising session with Karla Perez at ScheduleOnce.This program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education Title V Hispanic Serving Institution grant ÉXITO (#P031S190167) at GateWay.

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in General Business  is a degree for students interested in learning business skills to start their own business or to move up in a current job. This pathway also allows students to complete lower-division courses toward earning a bachelor's degree at four-year colleges and universities. It delivers a broad overview of business. The program is designed to acquaint students with major subject areas of business and provide students with an understanding of influencing factors in business decision making and activities.

AAS degree curriculum is not designed to meet the needs of students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution. A Certificate of Completion in General Business is also available.

Program Location

Washington Campus 

Program Cost

Associate in Applied Science in General Business: $5,946*
Associate in Business, Special Requirements, General Requirements: $5,688*
Associate in Applied Science in Risk Management and Insurance: $5,946*

Certificate of Completion in Business Technology Specialist:  $1,593*
Certificate of Completion in Entrepreneurial Studies - Level I: $1,851*
Certificate of Completion in Entrepreneurial Studies - Level II: $1,851*
Certificate of Completion in General Business:  $1,851*
Certificate of Completion in Small Business Management: $961*

*Please note that these are only estimates and may not include books. These estimates may change based on increases to tuition, course fees and book costs. Estimates are based on tuition rates for in-county students. Additional fees may apply.

Degrees & Certificates

We offer several programs for students interested in business.


Accreditation is a process used to measure and certify the credibility and quality of services offered by an organization.

GateWay is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Why should you choose an accredited school?

Although many schools offer seemingly similar degree and certification options, not all schools are accredited. In many instances, accreditation of the degree or program you complete may be required in order to become certified to work in the field.