Career Services

The Career Center is open to all students, alumni and community members. Up-to-date resources and individualized assistance is offered in career assessment, career planning, resume development, interview preparation, job search resources, employer contacts, and internships. Our goal is to assist you with your career and job search needs, no matter if you are in the early stages of exploration or the later stages of interviewing.


In order to help you build effective job searching skills, we provide:

  • Internet access to find potential employment with local, state and national employers
  • On campus employer recruitment
  • Workshops to develop job searching, resume writing, interviewing and employable skills
  • Internships
  • Job search resources
  • Search assistance in finding hundreds of jobs by career field and other categories where you can apply online and submit your resume
  • Employer contacts/resources
  • An annual job fair connecting employers with job seekers by industry


Resume development

Interview preparation

Career preparation

Access to the Maricopa Career Network, an online job board linking all 10 community colleges and hundreds of employers

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Student Employment

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based work program; assisting students in meeting their financial obligations while attending school.

Earn While You Learn


Our resources focus on:

Assessing your interests, skills and strengths by finding valuable information about who you are and identifying work environments that are in sync with your natural skills and job satisfaction. Visit the Career Assessment page to get started.

Investigating your employment and educational opportunities by learning about job titles, careers and industries of interest.

Marketing your skills with confidence to employers by providing the resources needed to assist you in resume writing, practicing interview techniques, performing Internet job searches and participating in employer workshops.


Valley employers may post jobs by contacting us through the Career Center.

Job Posting Eligibility

  • Posting jobs with the Career Center and the Maricopa CareerLink is subject to approval.
  • All requests will be reviewed for content and suitability. We do not accept postings for positions that do not meet the regulations, policies or the overall mission of the district.


General inquiries may be submitted to the Career Center online. Additional help is available upon request.