Children's Learning Center

Children's Learning Center

The Children's Learning Center is located on the north side of the Washington Campus. Childcare services are available for students, employees, and the public. We provide a safe, caring environment where the children can experience physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Parents can study knowing that their child is well cared for. Flexible scheduling is offered by our trained, caring staff.

To qualify, children must:

  • Be from 3 to 12 years of age
  • Fully potty trained


  • Current immunization records
  • Signed emergency notification card for each child
  • Completed enrollment packet/forms

After a complete enrollment packet has been received and accepted, children are eligible for drop-in basis if space allows. To ensure that space is available, you MUST call first to make reservations. Classrooms fill up quickly and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Children's Learning Center is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and is D.E.S. authorized.

Child Care

Activities and Benefits

Your child has the opportunity to:

  • Develop a positive self image
  • Develop and practice social skills
  • Think, reason, question and experiment
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Acquire language skills
  • Develop positive health, safety and nutritional habits
  • Express creativity
  • Learn about cultural diversity
  • Learn self-help skills
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and independence
  • Participate in a structured, pre-school program that offers learning activities throughout the day
  • Enjoy a large, grassy playground area with swings, slides and climbing equipment
  • Use tablets for technology
  • Receive meals and snacks


For daily, weekly and monthly rates, please call (602) 286–8130. 

Registration Dates

  • Fall semester registration for new children begins the 1st Monday in May.
  • Spring semester registration for new children begins the 1st Monday in December.
  • Summer Registration for new children begins the 1st Monday in April.

Registration is continuous until all space is filled.

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