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Pharmacy Technician

The Certificate of Competency in Pharmacy Technician program meets Pharmacy Technician Certification Board requirements for students to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. Students will learn interpersonal skills and regulatory standards required of pharmacy technicians. Includes roles and responsibilities of the technician in a variety of entry-level pharmacy operations, responses to regulatory issues, adherence to quality assurance procedures, patient and medication-safety procedures, the procedures for handling of medications and filling medication orders, procurement, billing, reimbursement, and inventory management procedures, and use of pharmacy technology and informatics database software. Students must complete 200 hours of in-person externship in order to complete this program.


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Field of Interest
Health Sciences
Academic Plan
Pharmacy Technician (CER)
Total Clock Hours Required

Students are required to apply and receive their temporary pharmacy technician trainee license through the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy during the first few weeks of class in order to attend job shadowing and clinical externship. This program has a 200 hour clinical externship requirement that scheduled meeting pattern varies from the class schedule. Clinical externship is off campus at an industry partner (hospital or retail pharmacy). Students are responsible for their own travel. Clinical externship is unpaid. Students must complete all 200 hours of clinical externship and pass each course with a grade of 75% or greater to pass the program.

What You'll Learn
  • Implement standard procedures for handling and processing medications and medication orders while working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. (PHC101, PHC102, PHC102AB, PHC114, PHC122)
  • Perform mathematical, computer related, and billing aspects of the pharmacy technician`s role. (PHC101, PHC102, PHC102AB, PHC107, PHC114, PHC122)
  • Apply verbal, nonverbal, and written communication principles and skills in an effective and culturally competent manner within a team setting. (PHC101, PHC102, PHC102AB, PHC114, PHC122)
  • Uphold all legal, regulatory, professional and ethical standards applicable to the role of pharmacy technicians. (PHC101, PHC102, PHC102AB, PHC114, PHC122)
  • Implement regulatory and quality control guidelines required to ensure safe and compliant medication preparation. (PHC101, PHC102, PHC102AB, PHC114, PHC122)
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in the analysis of the investigational drug process, medication use (including off-label indications), and emerging drug therapies. (PHC101, PHC102, PHC102AB, PHC107, PHC114, PHC122)
  • Appraise the pharmacy technician`s role in supporting wellness promotion and disease prevention programs. (PHC101, PHC102, PHC102AB, PHC114, PHC122)
Career Opportunities
Required courses
Course #Course TitleClock Hours
Clock Hours:652
ISP108BKeyboarding II36
PHC101Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians60
PHC102Pharmacy Tech I120
PHC102ABPharmacy Tech II128
PHC107Math and Dosages90
PHC122Pharmacy Tech Certification Review18
PHC114Pharmacy Tech Externship200

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