In the Fall of 2020, GateWay Community College is introducing a new cohort opportunity for Honors level students graduating from Arizona High Schools. This new program will give students a jump start to graduating with a degree for little to no cost.

Any student awarded the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship is eligible for the program. The President’s Honors Scholarship will provide FULL TUITION (Up to 15 credit hours) for up to four semesters at GateWay Community College.

To earn the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship:

  • A student must earn a high school GPA of 3.25
  • Be able to show legal presence in the United States and eligible to receive public funds. 
  • Remain a resident of Maricopa County while in school. 
  • Attend GateWay within one year of graduating from high school.

The Fall 2020 cohort classes include:
ENG101, ENG102, HIS103, CRE101. Students may add one additional class of their choosing.

For more information, please complete this form and someone will contact you concerning the enrollment process.

Reading classes are designed for students who need to improve the ability to understand and retain materials read in college-level texts. Coursework emphasizes:

  • Comprehension skills
  • Study skills
  • Vocabulary development


Reading courses at GateWay prepare students to read and understand text at a college level. RDG courses emphasize reading study strategies for any introductory class in any subject area.

RDG Courses 


8 Weeks


14 Weeks


16 Weeks

Hybrid 16 Weeks

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking courses develop and apply critical thinking skills through critically reading varied and challenging materials. CRE courses are often required as part of degree and certificate programs.

CRE Courses

CRE101 16 Weeks
CRE101 16 Week Hybrid
CRE101 Online


We offer many courses in Reading to help students succeed, including:

Reading Improvement
College Reading Skills

Placement test scores or instructor permission is required for enrollment into reading courses.

Additionally, Critical and Evaluative Reading (CRE 101) is designed to develop thinking and reasoning at the college level. Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to demonstrate critical thinking, effective reading, analytical writing, and research skills. CRE 101 is a great course to take in preparation for English 102.

Program Locations

Washington Campus 

Program Cost

$97 per credit hour*

*Please note that these are only estimates and do not include books. These estimates may change based on increases to tuition, course fees and book costs. Estimates are based on the 2022-2023 tuition rates for in-county students. Additional fees may apply.

Degrees and Certificates


Accreditation is a process used to measure and certify the credibility and quality of services offered by an organization.

GateWay is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Why should you choose an accredited school?

Although many schools offer seemingly similar degree and certification options, not all schools are accredited. In many instances, accreditation of the degree or program you complete may be required in order to become certified to work in the field.