GateWay Community College Receives National Science Foundation Grant

NSF Grant - GateWay

GateWay Community College was recently awarded a $649,740 five-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the first that the college has received from the NSF in its 50-plus year history. This grant supports efforts to increase the completion of STEM Associate Degrees at the college. 

The grant, submitted by a team of GateWay math and science faculty and administrators, will  make an immediate difference on the way students taking mathematics and other STEM related courses are supported, tutored and guided in order for them to be successful. 

“This grant is a major milestone for GateWay and cements our status as one of the preeminent community colleges in the country,” said Amy Diaz, interim president and vice president of Academic Affairs at the college. “This type of funding will allow the school to continue to make quality education even more attainable for students who want to pursue a degree in science, technology, engineering or math.”

The grant provides scholarships for low-income students with academic potential or talent to pursue and complete a STEM degree. The grant also provides a suite of supports including faculty mentorship, a summer bridge program, and STEM supplemental instruction. Over the next five years, the grant will provide scholarships to a minimum of 30 students. 

“Approximately 68% of our students are first-generation students and many of them enroll in STEM programs intent on earning their associate degrees, but are unable to complete due to various academic and personal reasons,” said Shannon Ruth, math faculty at the college, “Efforts to improve that number will change countless lives for years to come.”

GateWay received official notification of the grant in December and will implement it March 1, 2021. 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 and provides support to promote the progress of science and to advance national health, prosperity, and welfare. Additionally, the S-STEM program was set up to enable low-income, talented domestic students to pursue successful careers in promising STEM fields. Ultimately, the S-STEM program wants to increase the number of low-income students who graduate and contribute to the American innovation economy with their STEM knowledge. 

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