Registration Forms

Registration Forms

Below is a list of available admissions and registration forms. Please log in to your Student Center at to view the documents being requested from you. Documents for verification should only be submitted when requested. Ensure that each form contains all of the required information and signatures and submit any other required documentation as requested.

Submitting Forms Online

Click the forms online link here to complete and submit forms online, using your Maricopa Enterprise ID.



Overrides / Appeals

General Forms

Under 18 Financial Responsibility and Consent 

Financial Responsibility and Consent – This form is for all students under the age of 18 who have graduated from high school and are taking college courses or students under the age of 18 taking non-credit courses

Financial Responsibility and Consent – Spanish

All-In-One – For Early College Programs (ACE, Hoop of Learning, and Dual Enrollment) and high school students who are taking college courses while still in high school

All-In-One – Spanish

Financial Aid

Financial Aid forms can be found here.