Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is designed for students who wish to explore the field of sonography, as well as those who have made a career decision to seek certification from the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). Diagnostic medical sonographers are highly specialized members of the health care team who provide patient services using ultrasound under the direction of a physician. Sonographers provide care essential to diagnostic ultrasound imaging by operating equipment and performing examinations for medical diagnosis. Sonographers have an in-depth knowledge of physics, disease processes, physiology, cross-sectional anatomy, positioning and sonographic techniques necessary to create ultrasound images. Knowledge of darkroom techniques, equipment maintenance, record keeping and film processing are also part of the job.

Careers in the field of diagnostic sonography can be found in hospitals, clinics, doctors` offices, and mobile imaging centers. Research, applications, teaching and marketing may be available to sonographers who wish to explore careers in business or industry.

Educational information: Clinical affiliations include a cooperative effort with a number of area hospitals, clinics and doctors` offices. Clinical training is required by the ARDMS prior to sitting for the registry examination. This program will prepare students for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer examinations in abdomen, obstetrics, and vascular technology.


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Field of Interest
Health Sciences
Academic Plan
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (CER)
Total Credits Required

Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses required within the program.

Due to the requirements of the program accrediting body, the course of study requires many hours of classroom and clinical time.

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is open to all students who successfully complete the program prerequisites. Full-time day students must apply to the program and be accepted prior to registering for course offerings. The full-time program is 22 months in length.

Formal application to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program can be made upon successful completion of the following required courses with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0: BIO160 or (BIO201 and BIO202), ENG101 or ENG107, MAT15+ or higher, PHY101 or PHY111.

What You'll Learn
  • Collect and interpret diagnostic information from the ultrasound exam. (BIO160, BIO201, BIO202, DMI/DMS/ICE220, ENG101, ENG107, MAT15+, PHY101, PHY111, DMS110, DMS120, DMS120LL, DMS130, DMS130LL, DMS140, DMS150, DMS150LL, DMS155, DMS171, DMS172, DMS210, DMS210LL, DMS225, DMS235, DMS240, DMS241, DMS250, DMS255, DMS261, DMS262, DMS263, DMS270, DMS271, DMS281, DMS282, DMS283, DMS284, DMS286, DMS286LL, RES118)
  • Obtain, review, and record pertinent patient history and supporting clinical data to facilitate optimal diagnostic results. (BIO160, BIO201, BIO202, DMS110, DMS120, DMS120LL, DMS130, DMS130LL, DMS140, DMS155, DMS171, DMS172, DMS225, DMS235, DMS240, DMS241, DMS255, DMS261, DMS262, DMS263, DMS270, DMS271, DMS272, DMS281, DMS282, DMS283, DMS284, DMS286, DMS286LL, ENG101, ENG107, PHY101, PHY111, RES118)
  • Communicate effectively in a culturally responsive manner with patients and the healthcare team. (DMS110, DMS120, DMS120LL, DMS130, DMS130LL, DMS140, DMS155, DMS171, DMS172, DMS225, DMS235, DMS240, DMS241, DMS250, DMS255, DMS261, DMS262, DMS263, DMS270, DMS271, DMS272, DMS281, DMS282, DMS283, DMS284, DMS286, DMS286LL, ENG101, ENG107, RES118)
  • Exercise professional and ethical behavior in a medical setting. (DMS271, DMS110, DMS120, DMS120LL, DMS140, DMS155, DMS270, DMS282, DMS283, DMS284, ENG101, ENG107)
  • Develop lifelong learning practices in sonography and healthcare. (BIO160, BIO201, BIO202, DMI/DMS/ICE220, DMS130, DMS130LL, DMS140, DMS171, DMS172, DMS225, DMS235, DMS240, DMS241, DMS250, DMS255, DMS261, DMS262, DMS263, DMS281, DMS282, DMS284, ENG101, ENG107, PHY101, PHY111)
Career Opportunities
Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
BIO160Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology (4) OR
BIO201Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4) AND
BIO202Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4)4-8
DMI/DMS/ICE220Sectional Anatomy3
DMS110Introduction to Diagnostic Sonography3
DMS120Ultrasound Imaging: Abdominal Procedures I4
DMS120LLUltrasound Imaging: Abdominal Procedures I Laboratory1
DMS130Ultrasound Imaging: OB/GYN Procedures3
DMS130LLUltrasound Imaging: Pelvic Procedures Laboratory1
DMS140Ultrasound Case Studies: Part I2
DMS150Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation I3
DMS150LLSonographic Principles and Instrumentation Laboratory1
DMS155Introduction to Clinical Care for Sonography1
DMS171Clinical Practicum III-AA2
DMS172Clinical Practicum III-AB2
DMS210Concepts of Vascular Imaging2
DMS210LLConcepts of Vascular Imaging Laboratory1
DMS225High Risk Obstetric/Gynecology Sonography1
DMS240Ultrasound Case Studies: Part II2
DMS241Ultrasound Case Studies: Part III2
DMS255Pediatric Sonography3
DMS261Clinical Practicum IV-AA2
DMS262Clinical Practicum IV-AB2
DMS263Vascular Clinical Practicum I2
DMS271Clinical Practicum V-AB2
DMS270Clinical Practicum V-AA1
DMS272Clinical Practicum V-AC2
DMS281Ultrasound Registry Preparation Seminar: Physics and Instrumentation1
DMS282Ultrasound Registry Preparation Seminar: Abdominal and Small Parts Imaging1
DMS283Ultrasound Registry Preparation Seminar: Obstetrics and Gynecology1
DMS284Ultrasound Registry Preparation: Vascular Imaging1
DMS286Advanced Vascular Technology2
DMS286LLAdvanced Vascular Technology Laboratory1
ENG101First-Year Composition (3) OR
ENG107First-Year Composition for ESL (3)3
MAT150College Algebra/Functions (5) OR
MAT151College Algebra/Functions (4) OR
MAT152College Algebra/Functions (3) OR
MAT156College Algebra/Functions with Review (6)3-6
PHY101Introduction to Physics (4) OR
PHY111General Physics I (4)4
RES118Vascular Access for Clinical Practice1
Course Sequence by Term
Restricted Electives
Course #Course TitleCredits
Optional: Students seeking a specialty area in sonography may select zero (0) to three (3) credits from the courses below.
DMS235Ultrasound Breast Imaging1
DMS250Musculoskeletal Sonography and Small Parts2

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