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EXCEL Program

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Program Overview

When joining the EXCEL summer bridge program, you are able to take two summer classes toward your degree for free. Learn more about the program below. 

Who should apply?

  • Persons pursuing their first degree

  • Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree and wanting to start with Gateway

  • Students planning to TRANSFER to a university degree program

Applications are being accepted for NEW students to join EXCEL!

  • Summer Bridge Program (June 4 - July 26)
    • Two classes paid for by EXCEL
    • Earn six college credits
    • Attend Math Bootcamp designed to refresh your math skills and prepare for college-level math
    • Personal advisement
    • Cohort model - block scheduling
    • Free breakfast and lunches
    • Workshops and mentoring sessions
    • Ease your transition from high school to your first year as a full-time college student
  • Fall and Spring
    • Block schedule
    • Belong to a Learning Community
    • Mondays - Thursdays 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    • Personal and focused advisement
    • Workshops, study sessions and advisement are built into your schedule
    • Borrow a laptop
    • Emergency financial assistance (depends on circumstance and on individual basis)

How to Apply

  1. Download, complete and return your Application to the EXCEL office (no fax, email attachments accepted)
  2. Complete the GateWay Community College Admission Process (https://www.gatewaycc.edu/enroll)
  3. Take your Placement Tests
  4. Complete FAFSA for the followings years
    1. 2017-2018 (Requires 2015 Tax Information) This is needed for SUMMER BRIDGE funding.
    2. 2018-2019 (Requires 2016 Tax Information)
  5. Attend a Gecko Gear Up session or EXCEL Orientation

EXCEL will be accepting up to 130 new participants to attend the Summer Bridge Program and/or be in the EXCEL program until transferring to a university.


About the EXCEL Program

EXCEL is a student success program, developed in collaboration with the Arizona Community Foundation, at GateWay Community College. EXCEL provides a unique opportunity for students to transfer successfully to a four-year university.
As an EXCEL student, you will receive one-on-one attention from a supportive team that will help you accomplish your goals and connect you with the right services and resources. With EXCEL, you will not be alone. We will be here to help you every step of the way.


  • Personalized academic advisement
  • Dedicated success coach to help with time management, study and life skills
  • Engaging peer mentors supporting you in your college experience
  • Access to learning support services such as laptops, calculators and textbooks
  • Access to scholarship opportunities
  • Support for your family and relatives to be a part of your success
  • A food pantry for participants needing a snack or even a meal

What's the criteria to apply to EXCEL?

  • Full-time students (12 credits or more per semester) 
  • US citizen/permanent resident
  • Completed FAFSA
  • Enrolled in accepted program (AGEC or Associate degree program)
  • Planning to transfer to a four-year college/university

What do students do while in EXCEL?

  • Meet with EXCEL Program Coordinator once a month and share academic progress and changes
  • Meet with Success Coach
  • Check in with Peer Mentor
  • Actively participate in EXCEL Program activities, including a Summer Institute
  • Involve family/friends during specific workshops
Navigating college can be challenging. With the EXCEL program, you have a unique opportunity to navigate through obstacles with assistance. The EXCEL program is an opportunity to start your college experience in the summer, getting a head start on your future, while having the support of a mentor. This program has proven successful in helping students graduate with their associate degree and even transferring onto a university for completion of a bachelor's degree.
Select colleges are participating in this new Maricopa Community College District program. 

Program Location

Washington Campus

EXCEL Office Location
Main Building, Room MA1372
Gateway Community College
108 N. 40th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034