Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values


GateWay's Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion supports a just community college experience in which everyone's stories and backgrounds are valued, and all members are empowered to achieve their goals.


The Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strives to create an inclusive and equitable campus environment by supporting identity exploration and development, while validating the diversity of our individual experiences, and facilitating educational dialogues across different identity groups.


The following foundational values guide the programs and efforts of the Center to ensure everything we do aligns with our vision and mission.


  • The Center advocates for minoritized and historically marginalized populations in our community.
  • We seek to empower all students to develop their own identities as advocates for justice in their careers and communities.


  • We facilitate and promote opportunities for students, faculty and staff to learn from one another in our journey towards becoming an informed and inclusive community.
  • Through these opportunities, we develop skills of lifelong learning, critical thinking, and empathetic dialogue necessary to achieve equity in our lives.


  • The Center seeks to instill pride in everyone’s story, regardless of identity or background, so as to understand the value each individual contributes to a diverse community.
  • As part of a majority-minority and Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), we seek to strengthen the college’s understanding of these identities and our role in advancing racial equity. 


  • The Center works to foster a strong sense of belonging for all students, faculty, and staff at GateWay by providing resources and support to find or create community, with focused support for historically marginalized groups.
  • By striving to ensure every member of our college feels valued, we improve the holistic well-being and success of our college.
  • In our pursuit of inclusivity and holistic well-being, the Center provides specially dedicated opportunities to engage with students’ families and members of our surrounding community.