Cultural and Society

Anthropology is the study of humanity. It's a rich and exciting area of study offering great transfer values. Courses are informative, fun and are found in many colleges and universities around the world.

Anthropologists are interested in our very beginnings and ancestral origins.

Areas of study include:

  • Ancient fossils
  • Relationships we have with the environment and planet
  • Our DNA history or biological anthropology

Anthropologists are also interested in living non-western societies and the “tribal wisdom” they bring to the modern world.

Separately, Archaeology is the study of the ancient human past, a sub-field of anthropology. The field is concerned with human existence since the advent of culture.

Culture began at the point where humans made artifacts. Artifacts would become evidence to reveal the mysteries of often extinct cultures and societies. Current thinking in archaeology applies the lessons of the past to the present and to the future.

The courses in both areas are inter-cultural and meet many valued requirements for university transfer.


GateWay offers several different anthropology courses, including ASM104 - Bones, Stones and Human Evolution. This course covers human evolution, variation and DNA, requiring no prerequisites. Students have the option to participate in an ancestral DNA study of their own ancient origins through National Geographic.

Other course topics examine living people, cultures and subcultures, including:

  • Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
  • Indians of the Southwest
  • Culture and Society: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Anthropology Goes to the Movies
  • Magic, Witchcraft, and Healing
  • Buried Cities and Lost Tribes of the Old World
  • Buried Cities and Lost Tribes of the New World

Hybrid courses are frequently offered, giving students an alternate option to being on campus for all classes throughout the semester.

Program Location

Washington Campus 

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Associate in Arts: $5,774*

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